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Poltava beer


The first Poltava beer began to be brewed at a local brewery in 1965. This drink has quickly gained recognition among gourmands of Ukraine. Since then, Poltava has been brewing excellent beer for half a century. Our current products combine excellent taste, natural ingredients, and a new brewing tradition of central Ukraine. Poltava beer is a legend that has grown without outside influences and trends. That is why our beer differs from many other varieties with its mild recognizable taste.


The Poltava brewery has almost half a century of its history. But years are not the only wealth we are proud of. During the time that has passed since the creation of the first Poltava beer until today, we have accumulated a lot of experience and awards that have become a guarantee of quality. Our products are popular not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

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The Poltava brewery starts its work
1965 – the start of work of the Poltava brewery. During the Soviet period, the brewery was a part of the Poltava association "Ukrkharchoprom". The enterprise specialized in the production of bottled and draft beer only.
A workshop for bottling soft drinks was built
1985 – a workshop for bottling soft drinks was built. Its production line could produce up to 470 thousand deciliters of products.
Privatization of the brewery
1995 – the brewery was privatized in the form of a closed joint stock company. Now the form of ownership is a public joint stock company.
Start of cooperation with German technologists of Kaltenberg company
1998 – the beginning of cooperation with German technologists of Kaltenberg company. An automatic line for filling into KEG containers with a capacity of 50 KEG per hour was put into operation.
Launch of cylindroconical combi-tank
1999 – launch of the first 4 cylindroconical combi-tanks in Ukraine at the Poltava brewery.
Increase of production capacities of the enterprise
2001 – commissioning of a line for filling beer into KEG containers with a capacity of 120 KEG per hour. A new workshop was opened, in which advanced beer bottling technology was implemented. Also, a line of filling into PET bottles and barrels, which have become a trademark of Poltava beer, was launched. The automatic line is capable of producing 36 thousand bottles per hour. The brewery has reached a production capacity of 2.5 million deciliters of products per year.
Launch of a new brewhouse
2003 – a brewhouse of Huppmann AG was completed and launched with full computerization of the wort brewing process.
Reorganization of structures and modernization of production
2011 – the PrJSC “Poltavpyvo“ Firm” goes on with the complete reorganization of its structures, modernization of production, promotion, and implementation of new methods and strategies of development as a whole. Nowadays, the main strategies of the enterprise’s product policy are aimed at uniting all sorts of beer and beverages under one brand "Poltava".